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Chimera Tool Server Credits

License ::Samsung 12 months:699 CRDLicense ::All modules 12 months:1199 CRDLicense ::BlackBerry 12 m..


DC Unlocker Server Credits

Credit consumption for dongle usersCredit consumption for users without a dongleDC-Unlocker UpdatesD..


Octopus/Octoplus Server Credits

Octopus Suite Outstanding FeaturesDirect UnlockRepair IMEIRepair TARead/Write TA (no charge)Read Inf..


RIFF Box eMMC Support Activation

eMMC Support Activation for RIFF Box allows you to use JTAG Manager v1.58 software with ISP/Dir..


Riff Box Server Credits ( For Clone Riff Box )

For RIFF Box with "Account Expired" message from server, activations are required and they are not f..